Get To Know Lodging Link® Cloud Connect

For over 25 years, Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol has developed the largest library of interfaces for property management systems (PMS) and guest service systems (GSS). Lodging Link middleware provides easy integration while relieving your development team from the distraction of interface development.

Lodging Link CC is the latest version of the Lodging Link middleware. The software update embeds web-based (HTTP) interfacing for both PMS and GSS devices and provides a web-based user interface for product configuration, service control, log viewing, and other features.

It is backward compatible and supports the current features of Lodging Link PTS. All GSS interfaces currently supported by previous versions are also supported as well as your legacy and web-based PMS and GSS interfacing requirements.

It is recommended to use a dedicated PC or virtual machine to install Lodging link CC. However, Lodging Link CC can also be installed on a shared machine such as the PMS or GSS server.


Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Pro
Any Windows Server 2012 R2 or later, including Windows Server 2022

Hardware (Minimum)

Processor: I3 (or equivalent)
Drive space: 128 GB

Hardware (Recommended)

Processor: I5 (or equivalent)
Drive space: 256 GB

Lodging Link CC includes a web-based user interface. It replaces the Lodging Link Monitor Application currently deployed with previous versions of the product. All configurations, filtering, and live stream logs can be viewed via a web browser (Internet Explorer is not supported). Multiple users can view the same information from different locations (firewall configurations are required).

Lodging Link CC supports web-based (HTTP) interfacing for both PMS and GSS devices. HTTP GSS interfaces can be written using vendor specifications. The process is basically the same as legacy GSS interface development.

For existing Lodging Link vendors, leverage your development with Lodging Link. Lodging Link CC provides full Lodging Link functionality and supports a wide variety of Guest Service Systems (GSS).

Lodging Link PTS is a software-only version of our proven Lodging Link product, installed onto a property’s PC. Lodging Link PTS is a universal interface engine that enables seamless integration between a hotel’s Property Management System and any Guest Service System device such as the PBX, Call Accounting, Point of Sale, etc.

Lodging Link PTS Features and Benefits:

  • Economical. Lodging Link PTS is more economical to install than standard Lodging Link for small- and medium-sized properties that only require a few interfaces.
  • Leverage Existing Systems. Lodging Link PTS can be installed onto the PMS server or another existing workstation. No dedicated PC is required.
  • System Requirements. Lodging Link PTS installs as a windows service and will run on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or Server 2012.
  • Full Lodging Link Function. For existing Lodging Link vendors, leverage your development to Lodging Link. Lodging Link PTS provides full Lodging Link functionality.

Supported Guest Service Systems

Lodging Link supports a wide variety of Guest Service Systems (GSSs).

Supported Property Management Systems

Lodging Link makes GSS Systems compatible with a variety of PMS systems.

Looking for a Complete, Proven Solution?

Lodging Link PTS works seamlessly with Comtrol’s datacom hardware to provide multiple serial ports for connecting guest devices to a PC running Lodging Link PTS. Choose from RocketPort INFINITY and EXPRESS cards, DeviceMaster, or any of our other serial connectivity products.